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EVE: The Empyrean Age (A review)

Long time no post, right? Well, I’m about to fix that…


After knowing about a certain book’s existence for a while, but never getting around to read it, I thought I had forgotten about it was even a thing, but… after stumbling upon it in Google Play Books I decided I would not buy the paperback version (reason I hadn’t read it yet) and, screw all things, order it for my Kindle, the book in question is this one…

 ImageYup, an EVE novel, quite an interesting choice, Tony Gonzales’ first novel, which for many is an indicator this is not going to be a good book, but being so hooked up with EVE a I am (despite not having played it in almost a year because of diverse circumstances), I decided to read it and live with the consequences….

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Well, now I’ll talk to to you about FutureMe an internet service I stumbled upon like a year ago, it allows you to send emails to yourself but to the future (awesome, right?), I hadn’t written about it because I didn’t know if it really worked but a couple days ago I got my first FutureMe (yeah, apparently it is a noun too), the service, as their FAQ states is “based on the principle that memories are less accurate than e-mails. And we strive for accuracy.”

Yeah, more…

Inferno: First Impressions

Well, as you know today May 22nd EVE Online’s 17th free expansion Inferno was released, here are my first impressions:

  • Unfied inventory: Great for some thing completely horrible for others, like looting wrecks, I’d like ships cargoholds and the rest of the inventories were separated, it’s awesome for stations but horrible for in-flight situations.
  • New stealth bombers: Well, the new Nemesis doesn’t look at all like a Tristan, which is sad… the Purifier looks like a bug (very in-line with Amarr ship design), the manticore looks odd, barely resmebling the Kestrel, in my opinion the best design was the hound, I know it was all due to the new silos… speaking of which…
  • New missile launchers: Well… as a die-hard Caldari/Khanid pilot all I can say is… dear internet how I loved the things, one of the smallest, yet awesome thigns are the very reallistic reload animations, not to mention the awesome flight animations and missile models, I found thet my favorite missile design is the Citadel Cruise one and my favorite launchers, probably HAM launchers.

Well, that was what I could try on the first day of Inferno if there’s anything noteworthy in the future I’ll post again, for now just some pics of ships and missiles…  Pics here

Immolation – Providence

Not one of my usual music posts but well.. I found out about Immolation a couple weeks ago and I’ve been listening to them since, of course not a lot… but I recently stumbled upon the cover for their latest EP Providence and I just thought it is fucking awesome, here it is:

Of course it is very dark, it’s death metal, what did you expect? it’s so awesome some black figures (aliens or demons whatever)  fly in a fighter plane formation over what appears to be a wrecked city, of course it’s awesome and if you take some black metal-inspired imagination you can somewhat see a shape that resembles a crucifix in the bottom of the figures, of course, just saying, anyways I leave you with the EP’s awesome title track:




The Hunger Games (a review)

Well, a few hours ago, I finally watched The Hunger Games after a couple weeks of really wanting to go see it, I finally did I must say I really liked it, it was cool and comes from a very geeky book trilogy I was a little disappointed to see so much ‘ordinary’ people at the theater but well what can I do?  so here it is:

Warning! Spoilers 

The rest is here

Since 9.9.04…

Earlier today. after Bungie announced the passing of the Halo torch to Microsoft’s 343 industries, and as their last endeavor with halo, they published an awesome infographic with some stats about the game and all that has been revolving around its multiplayer aspect and metagame, here it is: (click to enlarge)


Even though I’m not such a Halo or console fan I must admit this is pretty fragging awesome